My work in an e-book curated by Mica, Ian and Paul of Badlands Unlimited.

Feat. 50 contemporary artists. Reviewed on Rhizome with a mention of my piece!


The first of its kind, "How To Download a Boyfriend" is a group art exhibition in the form of an interactive e-book.Featuring artwork by 50 contemporary artists from New York and elsewhere, HTDAB showcases the most exciting work being created at the intersection of digital and popular culture today. Established artists like Thomas Bayrle and Cory Arcangel use xerox machines and disposable cameras to make images while younger artists like Josh Kline and Petra Cortright mine the web for materials to create one-of-a kind works. Artists and writers have also written interactive "quizzes" that test readers with funny, probing, or simply absurd questions about the nature of love and desire in the 21st century. Curated and produced by the staff of Badlands Unlimited.

Available on Apple iBooks for the iPad.


Takashi Amano planted fish tanks: There are so many gorgeous specimens that I don't know where to stop! Amano started building aquatic landscapes in the 80's after an interest in aquascaping led him to found his own company, Aquatic Design Amano. He is the grandfather and original master of the wabi-kusa style of planted tanks (as opposed to the Dutch style more commonly found in the West). There is a museum in his hometown of Niigata, Japan, dedicated to his planted tanks.
Before all this, Amano traveled the world as a large format landscape photographer. You can see how clearly and vividly the photographic influence translates to his aquatic landscapes. Some more tanks: View the entire gallery here.