Chromodoris Quadricolor!

A diamondback tritonia. These guys are vicious and launch themselves out at swaying sea fans to bite off polyps before they shrink back into the coral. This one missed.

A Blue Lettuce Sea Slug... they usually come in variations of green but this cobalt blue is amazing and looks like the aurae borealis. Sea slugs are actually not closely related to the slimy earthling counterparts despite their name. They're actually shell-less mollusks that have been able to develop an amazing array of colors, patterns and a variety of ornament that act as warnings to predators. They're armed with stinging cells and toxins for protection.

Um, FRIED EGG SEA SLUG. Need I say more.

The Blue Sea Dragon. I love this one. This is amazing. How does this exist? The world can not be doomed if things like this really exist.

Another view of the Chromodoris Quadricolor. They're so awesome. Those hairy antennae taste, touch and sense the ocean around them since they're nearly blind and can actually only see vague patches of light and dark.

Janolus Fuscus. These are named after the two-headed god of Roman mythology, Janus. I think they have more than two heads though. This guy looks like he'd never be able to make up his mind on which way to go.

Glossodoris atromarginata.

Things I learned tonight:

1. Some sea slugs are SOLAR POWERED. They consume photosynthetic cells from the plants they eat and in turn absorb the energy to power themselves. Since usually photosynthetic cells need the originating plant's DNA to operate in this way, that means the sea slugs have also imbibed part of the plant's DNA into its own cells to generate solar power for itself. In layman's terms, sea slugs are like Superman. Or that guy in Heroes who carved out people's brains to take their superpowers after he killed them. (Source)

2. The blue sea dragon actually preys upon the Portuguese Man o' War and CONSUMES THE ENTIRE ORGANISM. This is totally crazy because blue sea dragons are tiny! Not only that, but blue sea dragons are actually more venomous then the Man o' War since they imbibe and store its most venomous threads for later use in their fan-like fingers. (Source)


Alexandra said...

They are so beautiful , I hate the fact that , having done scuba diving only once , the only important thing was that I fed some fish with sea urchins!

alexandra @

yaya said...

This is a really wicked lesson in ruffles and neon!