TERRA OVERLAY at Strongroom

Sarah Chow
"Terra Overlay"

Sept 13 - Oct 20, 2014
opening: Saturday, Sept 13, 6-9pm

Strongroom is a monthlong proposal in the historic bank vault of IKO IKO + Building Block's studio space. There are no formal definitions; the intimacy of the space influences the experience.

Strongroom at IKO IKO + Building Block
1727 N. Spring St, 3rd Flr
Los Angeles, CA 90012
323 719 1079


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Stream Planningtorock's new album at The Guardian here.
When the nights were still a little bit chilly we had a lovely visitor from out of town. He was a bit nervous at first but wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Normally I don't prefer these type of visitors in the suburbs but it was like seeing a familiar face in an alien place this time-- comforting no matter who it is. Spring rains have stretched on for weeks now. All the flowers fell down from the branches and washed away, but it is still raining. Only now it is humid too. Heaviness pressing its sticky palms against our skin.


HACHE hat, Emmanuelle lace bodysuit, A Detacher skirt, and Black Crane jacket.
I feel like I have been waiting my entire life for this Spring. The cherry blossoms in New York are starting to bud. Some early bloomers are already in full swing. Tomorrow will be a high of 70 degrees! ^_^


Some pics of my beautiful unicorn friend Hayden from our trip to Puerto Rico in January. It really did feel like a dream. This was a hidden cove called The Women's Well which is only accessible via a short path through the jungle and down a rock outcropping.
Steph using my envelope clutch in Austin this past December.
More new things coming soon. :)


this morning. c:


Feels like surfing soundwaves in a video game.


Just a reminder that every day is a beautiful day somewhere on Earth.